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Bill Maher, Hirsi Ali, FGM & Islam

Citations for the facts in this video can be found here.


Shifting the Discourse on Israel/Palestine

During the last decade, activism for Palestinian freedom has overcome a wide range of intimidation tactics seeking to curb criticism of Israel, and has successfully shifted public discourse in the United States on the issue..


President Obama's visit to Israel & Palestine

My appearance on Al Jazeera to discuss President Obama's visit to Israel & Palestine, and his speech in Jerusalem.


The Social Media War Over Gaza

My appearance on Al Jazeera's "The Stream" to discuss the social media war over the violence in Gaza.


The Direction of the Movement for Palestinian Rights

To discuss the direction of the movement for Palestinian rights, I interviewed Norman Finkelstein, Phyllis Bennis, Hussein Ibish, Nadia Hijab, Noura Erakat, and Yousef Munayyer. This video contains highlights from these interviews.


Arab Americans Barred From Anti-Muslim Conference

I and Omar Tewfik of AAI tried to attend the so-called "Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference" organized by anti-Muslim bigots Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, but we & other Arab Americans were barred from entering. This is our experience.


Alan Dershowitz Exposed

I've been perplexed by Alan Dershowitz's ability to maintain his respectable status in spite of his extensive record of intellectual dishonesty, so I decided to create this video based on my original research into two of Dershowitz's books to expose him for the dishonest intellectual he is.


The Palestine Papers on Cross Talk

Excerpts from my debate on the Palestine Papers on Cross Talk (Russia Today). Here is the link to the original 25 minute program.


Three Things About Islam

I created this video in response to a popular video with the same title which spreads misconceptions about Islam in an effort to promote fear and suspicion of Muslims.